Our Lab Facilities

Our College has a good composite lab where in the availability of sufficient equipments and materials help the students to experiment the concept that they learned in theory. Is not an ounce of application is worth a ton of theory?

Computer lab

Computer lab has sufficient stand alone computers with all the peripherals Scanner, DVD writer, etc to enable the students to do their practical work with interest and ease. Very comfortable to sit in the spacious and neatly maintained lab to do their practical.

Physics Labs

Students pass through sensitive periods of development early in life. We provide Such a Greate and specific activities, so that Students develop themselves as independent human being .

Chemistry Lab

Students are treated as individual and their emotion and social development is a key concern of Lecturer. Curriculum provides a frame work for a range of sensory and experimental learning as well as development of concepts and skill in various subject areas such as Mathematics, Chemistry, computer education etc.